One of the major reason for Silicon Valley's success is our ability to attract people from all over the world to live and work in our area. The cultural mix and the resulting diversity of ethnic traditions, viewpoints, and value systems (both, personal and professional) have enriched all of our lives. Silicon Valley has become a model of how diversity can add strength and unity to a community.

Here are some links to sources of information about the various ethnic groups so that you can find out more about them. The information should also be of interest to members of these various groups.

The Silicon Valley Cultures Project
A ten year ethnographic study of the cultures living and working in the hi-tech communities of Silicon Valley. Drs. Charles Darrah and J. A. English-Lueck, professors at San Jose State University, California, developed a collaborative research project that is attempting to understand Silicon Valley as a culture area.

Jewish Community on the Peninsula
A comprehensive listing of Jewish Community resources in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chinese Information and Networking Association
CINA, a non-profit organization, was founded by a group of Chinese professionals from network computing industries who recognized the need for advocating technologies and business opportunities in information and networking.

Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association
SIPA-Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association is a forum for expatriate Indians in the Silicon Valley to contribute towards cooperation between the USA and India and high technology areas. A non-profit voluntary organization based in Santa Clara, California.

Iranian Cultural & Information Center
The Tehran Archive at Stanford University.

The Islamic Society of Stanford University
The home page of the Islamic Society of Stanford University.

We would like to add some additional links or articles about the history of Silicon Valley to this section. If you know of any links please let me know. Or if your class would like to develop a paper about Silicon Valley, please let me know and I will publish it here, on The Silicon Valley Gateway.

Fred Terman, The Father of Silicon Valley
A very informative and recent article about Fred Turman and the History of Silicon Valley, from Stanford University.

Government/Politics/Public Information and Services
California State Senate
The official website for the California State Senate. Lists Senators, Legislation, Schedules, Committees, etc.

HandsNet on the Web
A national, nonprofit network that promotes information sharing, cross-sector collaboration and advocacy among individuals and organizations working on a broad range of public interest issues.