VenGlobal Capital Santa Clara (Silicon Valley), CA
VenGlobal Capital targets investments in early stage companies in Silicon Valley. Its investment focus is in software and wireless telecommunication .

Technology Funding San Mateo (Silicon Valley), CA
Technology Funding is a Silicon Valley-based professional venture capital firm. Technology Funding pioneered and continues to be the leader in public venture funds. 

The Silicon Valley Capital Network (SVCN) Silicon Valley, CA
Silicon Valley Capital Network is a non-profit service to match and introduce Silicon Valley early-stage business ventures that are seeking funding with worldwide investors - individual angel investors, venture capitalists and corporations. It provides early-stage investors with a concentrated source of Silicon Valley deal flow and provides entrepreneurs with a concentrated and diverse source for serious potential investors.

Draper Fisher Associates Silicon Valley, CA
Draper Fisher Associates is a leader in the start-up venture capital business. By pursuing a "people-biased," back-to-basics, early-stage approach to venture capital investing, we continue to fund entrepreneurs with the energy, vision, experience and desire to build great companies. In the past ten years, we have funded over 100 companies in the Internet, multimedia, communications, information, software and semiconductor industries.

AVI Capital In Los Altos, CA
AVI Capital is a professionally-managed venture captial partnership specializing in seed and early-stage investments in high-technology companies positioned for high growth segments of the Information Technologies market.

Accel Partners In San Francisco, CA
Accel Partners is a private venture capital firm which invests in entrepreneurial companies that can be leaders of selected technology-driven markets.

Edison Venture Fund Midatlantic Region
With over $160M in capital, Edison Venture Fund has provided financing and guidance for over 50 growing technology companies in the Midatlantic region. Edison also has respected contacts nationally and has invested in exceptional opportunities outside the Midatlantic region, particularly within industries in which we have special expertise.

NORWEST Venture Capital In Menlo Park, CA

NORWEST Venture Capital is one of the leading equity investment firms in the United States and has been funding companies for over thirty years.